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Monday, 29 August 2016

Red flag! Fuengirola beach closed after shark alert

Just after 12 pm on Sunday, the red flags were raised on Fuengirola beach, packed with holiday makers enjoying the last weekend of August. 

It turns out some bathers had spotted what looked like a four-meter-long shark swimming in the shallow water just off the beach and immediately reported the sighting to lifeguards.

The Guardia Civil immediately sent out a patrol boat, searching along the coast for the shark and by 5 p.m., no further sightings had occurred and the beach was once again reopened for swimmers.

Shark sightings are unusual off the beach in Fuengirola - in fact, you are far more likely to be inundated with jellyfish. However in July, a swimmer was bitten by a shark when swimming off a beach in Elche, Alicante.

Source: The Local

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sigourney Weaver to be honored at San Sebastián film festival 2016

Sigourney Weaver is set to receive the Donostia lifetime achievement award at the 64th San Sebastián film festival, according to organizers on Tuesday.

The festival runs from September 18-26 and Weaver will receive the honor on September 21st when her new film, “A Monster Calls” is screened at the film festival. The film has a Spanish director, Juan Antonio Bayona, and also stars Felicity Jones, Lewis McDougall and Liam Neeson.

This isn’t the first time Sigourney has attended the film festival in the Basque resort city. She was at San Sebastián back in 1979 with the release of “Alien” and again in 1999 for her role in “A Map of the World.”

According to a press release by the festival organizers, the Donostia lifetime achievement award acknowledges a North American actress whose name has been included in some of the largest productions of the last few decades with directors and moviemakers such as James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Roman Polanski, Mike Nicholls, Peter Weir, David Fincher and Ange Lee.
Sigourney Weaver became famous back in 1979 for her lead role as Ellen Ripley in Ripley Scott’s sci-fi film, “Alien.” She is also well known for her roles in the various sequels, “Aliens,” “Alien 3” and “Alien: Resurrection.” She was also recognized in her Oscar-nominated role as Dian Fossey in the film “Gorillas in the Mist.”

Since then Weaver has also starred in the original “Ghostbuster” films, as well as James Cameron’s “Avatar,” among many other appearances on screen and stage.

The Donostia Award was first launched in 1986 and has recognized Hollywood Golden Age greats such as Bette Davis in 1989, weeks prior to her death. Since then the award has been presented to high-profile figures in Hollywood and European cinema, including Al Pacino (1995) and Michael Caine and Robert de Niro in 2000.

[Photo by David Shankbone/CC BY-SA 3.0]
[Source: The Local]

Thursday, 9 June 2016

'Por el cumplimiento de los acuerdos:' Fuengirola municipal workers take to the streets

Workers at the Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola (municipality) took to the streets again on Thursday June 9 protesting the fact that PP mayoress, Ana Mula, is not keeping her promises.

This is the third protest the writer has personally seen in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol in the last couple of years, and while in 2011, 15M revealed the huge salary increases handed out to local Councillors, ordinary workers like firefighters, local police and other municipal workers first took a dip in salary and have been promised an increase ever since. It just isn't happening.

If anyone would like HD photos of the protest, please comment below. Si desea copias de las fotos, comentar a continuación.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Luxury Costa del Sol mansion formerly belonging to Prince up for sale [Video]

Prince's former luxurious and spacious villa in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain is up for sale for a mere €5.3 million ($5.9 million).

Have a look inside Prince's former home in the video included below and read more about it here.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Police in Canary Islands scratching heads over car parked on house roof

Police in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria are a little baffled after finding a car parked on the roof of a house in the La Isleta area of the Canary Island city.

The police posted photos of the white hatchback Daewoo Matiz on Twitter on Monday, showing it has no license plates and is parked on the flat roof of the house. Their comment to the image was, "This is what they call parking 'on high,'" but saying they value the structure of the house.
While there is a parking shortage in the city, it does seem to be a strange solution. Reportedly the police were first alerted to the weird parking situation by a neighbor in the suburb. They and firefighters in the city have no idea how the owner got it up there, but suspect they may have used a crane.

After firefighters examined the structure of the house, it was established there is no risk to the car falling through the roof, but according to TelevisiónCanaria, they will be asking the car's owner to remove it from the roof.