Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Famous donkey taxis of Mijas, Spain to have new number plates

To boost the quality of their tourist taxi rides, the famous Mijas donkeys must be registered with brand new ID plates. This will also aid recognition of individual animals and improve the service.  Yes, you must register your ass...

Digital Journal reported on this typical "white village" of southern Spain a while back. On visiting the quaint Andalucían pueblo of Mijas, the famous donkey taxis are evident everywhere, and tourists love to ride in the taxis, both to tour the pueblo, and also to get where they want to go.

On Tuesday, the Popular Party (PP) administration of Mijas gave brandnew registration plates to all horse-drawn carriages, donkey taxis and their drivers in the town to aid in their recognition.

Councilman Juan Carlos Gonzales told the media, "In the event of an accident or complaint, the donkey or driver will be able to be identified".

"These rules were made not just to regulate an iconic tourist industry but to improve the quality of the service, protect the rights of customers and guarantee that the donkeys meet health and safety requirements."

In total, 12 horse-drawn carriages, 17 donkey carts and 52 taxi donkeys have been issued with the new plates. 

"Identification through vehicle registration is one step more in the face of good image to tourists and to protect the rights of consumers", said councilwoman María del Mar Ríos, stressing that, "Donkey taxis are the symbol of Mijas and we must highlight and value them."

In designing the new plates, municipal technicians have enhanced the brand image of Mijas, since "the donkey taxi is one of the most photographed elements of the tourist trade in the municipality", and so "the plates will also promote Mijas", said Gonzalez.

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