Sunday, 30 June 2013

Illegal, unlicenced Chinese medicine seized by Spanish police

A spokesman for the Spanish police announced on Saturday that they had seized hundreds of thousands of packs of illegal medicines from China and India, including slimming products, erection aids and anabolic steroids.

The statement read that the Guardia Civil had "seized more than 250,000 units of illegal medicine, mostly related to erectile dysfunction, slimming and abortion practices."

Reportedly around a quarter of the seized unlicensed and illegal drugs were from India and more than half were sourced from China, which the Guardia Civil state were mainly destined for the large Chinese community living in Spain.

The medicines were seized during three weeks of raids at airports and shops in Spain, following an operation in 30 countries which was coordinated by the international and European agencies Interpol and Europol.

26 websites selling the unauthorised medicines, which the police say are "potentially harmful to health" were shut down during the exercise.

Police also reported on June 23 that a network, selling sports doping products imported to Spain from Greece, China and Portugal, had been broken up. 84 people were arrested and hundreds of thousands of doses of anabolic steroids and other drugs seized.

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