Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Small town near Madrid finds unique solution to doggie poo problem

Brunete is a small town of only 10,100 inhabitants, situated on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. It may be a small town, but it had a big dog poo problem. The town hall came up with some novel solutions, including mailing the "deposit" back to the owner.

First of all, they contacted a top advertising agency to see if they could assist in their bid to wipe out the town's dog excrement problem.

A spokesperson for Brunete Town Hall told The Local, "We contacted top advertising agency McCann about the doggy matter."

"We told them we didn't have a penny to spend, but they found the idea so novel and exciting that they decided to work with us anyway."

The first idea they came up with was a remote-controlled dog turd on wheels, carrying the message, "Don’t leave me, pick me up!"

You can just imagine the embarrassment of this dog turd chasing you through the streets!

"The amount of dog poo on our streets dropped considerably as a result. But as soon as the volume started rising again we knew we had to try an even more direct approach," said the spokesperson.

The next idea started in February this year, when Brunette Town Hall employed 20 volunteers to patrol the streets, seeking out guilty dog owners. As soon as these undercover volunteers spotted a poo that was being abandoned on the pavement, they would approach the owners and strike up a casual conversation with them.

The spokesman for the Town Hall said, "They’d ask them what the dog’s name and pedigree was. With that information they could find out the address of the pooch’s owner from a registered pet database we have.

The brave volunteers would then pick up the poo and deliver it to the guilty pet owner in a box from the "Lost and Found" department, along with an official fine warning, all the while filming the embarrassing event.

This all might sound a bit drastic, but the Brunete Town Hall estimates that the amount of dog doings left in the street has now dropped by around 70%.

The spokesperson told The Local, "We didn’t have volunteers tallying up the poo before and after the campaign; our results are based on what neighbors have told us."

"We're not sure either whether the volume of poo has gone down because they're more afraid of getting their dogs' excrement delivered back to them than of being fined." "The campaign has been well-accepted in Brunete," the council spokesperson told The Local.

"A lot of people have called for designated areas to be set up where dogs can do their business though. As they say, different loos, for different poos."

Dubbed #Cacaexpress, the practice has apparently gone viral on Twitter and YouTube.

To the source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/351741