Saturday, 22 June 2013

Spain to host the world's first 'Google Glass' monitored surgery

In a world first, a chondrocyte transplant operation will be carried out on Friday in Madrid, using Google Glass to allow remote experts in the USA to consult live on the procedure and viewers to watch in real time on the Internet.

A 49-year-old man will be undergoing a chondrocyte transplant operation (used to treat cartilage injuries) in Madrid on Friday and will enter the record books in the process.

During the operation, the 'augmented reality' glasses will allow remote experts to consult live on the surgery, all the way from the USA.

This will be the first ever operation involving the assistance of Google Glass and will be carried out at Madrid's CEMTRO Clinic, while being monitored simultaneously at Stanford University in the USA.

According to the Spanish national daily La Razón, Dr Hormero Rivas and his colleagues from Stanford University will consult, if necessary, with the Spanish team, led by Dr Pedro Guillén.

On top of the consultation aspect, Internet viewers will also be able to follow the procedure in real time online, thanks to a Spanish Google Glass app development company, Droiders.

Google Glass will thus allow remote experts to see the patients almost literally through the eyes of the wearer, enabling them to answer questions, offer diagnosis and exchange opinions.

Expert believe that this new technology will revolutionize the field of health with the 'smart glasses' allowing doctors to instantly collect and record patient information, take high definition pictures and connect with other doctors.

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