Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Child killer José Bretón receives 40-year sentence

José Bretón, the man recently convicted of murdering his two young children, has been sentenced to a total of 40 years in jail by a judge in Córdoba, Spain on Monday.

Digital Journal reported earlier in July on the conviction of Bretón for murdering his two small children, six-year-old Ruth and two-year-old José.
A nine-person jury had declared Bretón guilty, and he was awaiting sentencing for his crime. Now the sentence has passed on Monday in a court in Córdoba, Spain and Bretón will spend 40 years behind bars.
The crime caused outrage among the Spanish public and the protracted trial has fueled intense media speculation, but now the case has been put to rest. Reportedly Bretón remained cool and detached during sentencing, as he has been throughout the trial.

While Bretón had originally told police that he lost the two children in a park in October 2011, it was found later than he had drugged them and burned their bodies to hide the evidence.

While the fire was so hot it destroyed DNA evidence, teeth were found in the ashes, which were later identified by forensic experts as belonging to two children, aged two and six years respectively. 

The prosecution presented a case that he killed the children as revenge against his wife, who had recently asked him for a divorce.