Wednesday, 31 July 2013

'Smurfs 2' preview hosted at Júzcar, famous Spanish 'blue village'

In 2011, the traditional "white village" of Júzcar in Spain turned completely blue, as it hosted the the worldwide premiere of the blockbuster US film, "The Smurfs." Still blue today, the town saw the preview of the sequel, "Smurfs 2."

On July 23, "Smurf Town" Spain hosted a special premiere of the Smurfs' sequel movie, ten days before the film hit movie theaters nationwide.
Júzcar has benefited in the last couple of years from its Smurf fame, and has even recently repainted all the blue buildings in the previously typical white Andalucían village.
Dubbed "Pueblo Pitufo" (or Smurf Town) in Spanish, the town of only 240 residents has seen more than 210,000 tourists, gawping at its blue streets and buying Smurf-themed merchandise. Previous to that, Júzcar saw around 300 tourists per year.
The movie preview in the town attracted celebrities like FC Barcelona footballer Andrés Iniesta and former Miss Universe Eva González.
The first Smurf movie brought in €560 million in ticket sales worldwide.
Below is a photo of Hotel Bandolero in the blue village of Júzcar: 

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