Sunday, 7 July 2013

Spanish police detain owner of Nazi hate crime blog

On July 4, National Police agents arrested a 40-year-old man in Sabadell, Catalunya for running a blog able to publish ideas likely to cause discrimination, hatred and violence, on racist, anti-Semitic or ideological grounds.

The investigation started in the middle of November last year after agents detected the existence on the network of an online publication, participating in the national socialist ideology and strongly propagating the supremacy of the white race over all others. 

The man used his blog to disseminate ideas that can cause discrimination, hatred or violence against groups on ideological, racist and anti-Semitic grounds, taking advantage of the anonymity and speed of social networks.

There were more than one hundred weapons found in his home, including knives of different types and sizes, machetes, Samurai swords, axes, a cane stylet, ninja stars and daggers, baseball bats, mallets, American cuffs, wood, rubber and extendable tonfas, shackles, nunchakus (otherwise known as Japanese chain-sticks), and others.

Police also seized 3 revolvers, 4 guns and 1 air rifle, 40 cartridges of different calibers, self-defense sprays, Nazi-themed films and CDs, as well as 2 laptops, 3 hard drives and several mobile phones.

Research has been conducted by officials assigned to the Provincial Information Brigade of the Police Headquarters of Catalonia, in collaboration with the General Information Office, National Police.

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