Friday, 16 August 2013

Escaped Albino Burmese Python terrorizes Spanish town

Residents in the small Spanish town of Riells i Viabrea (Girona) in Spain's Catalonia region have been watching their step, as a two-and-a-half meter long albino Burmese Python is on the loose.

Digital Journal has recently reported on the incident where a python escaped from a Canadian pet store and strangled two young boys. For this reason, people living in Riells i Viabrea are especially on edge.
It has been around two weeks since the python escaped from a house in the town and it is still missing.
According to Spain's Antena 3 TV station, a snake hunt has been launched by local police and citizen volunteers to hunt for the albino Burmese python which is two-and-a-half meters long and weighs in at 10kg — not a snake to be played with.
According to police, the owner allegedly housed the snake in substandard conditions and actually failed to notice that the snake had escaped.
Judicial proceedings have also been opened by police against the python's owner for negligence. While the snake is not poisonous, as we know from the previous python story, they do have the habit of strangling small prey to death, especially at night. 
Local police apparently have assured residents: Locals have no reason for fear because the animal isn't dangerous and because it would have been difficult for the animal to leave the zone (around the house where it left). 
However, anyone spotting the python, who looks pretty much like the photos above and below, is advised to immediately contact authorities. 
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