Thursday, 3 October 2013

Romanian footballer playing for Spanish team has problems with "sissy" surname

A Romanian footballer has just signed for the Spanish side, Madrid's Getafe.  However, he is having problems with his new jersey.  The reason?  His surname means anything from "sissy" to "faggot" in Spanish.

Poor Ciprian Marica didn't realize that signing up for the Madrid football team would cause so many problems.

Marica is a Romanian striker, who also apparently plays as a winger, and just got signed by the Spanish First Division team from German club Schalke 04.

Marica will be presented in a press conference on Wednesday at Getafe's Coliseum stadium.  Apparently the Spanish club has decided to use his first name instead of his surname to avoid any possible mocking or abuse.

According to the Spanish National Language Academy, one of the definitions of the word "marica" is being a  homosexual or an effeminate man.  It can be used as an insult against a gay person, or as a joke to tease a friend.

Google translate gives the following varied meanings for the word:

marica-/ noun /

mariquita, marica, afeminado, gallina, blandengue

pensamiento, marica


reina, dama, marica, maricón, homosexual

niño mimado, marica

The surname Marica is apparently quite common back home in Romania.