Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Blind Labrador dog rescued by blind Paralympian athlete

A five-year-old Labrador dog named Boludo was going to be put down after he lost his sight due to retinal problems. His owners apparently decided it would not be fair to let him live.

Luckily, Boludo’s vet had a different idea. Speaking of the otherwise healthy Labrador, his vet, Martín Marín in La Coruña, Spain told the local media:

"He's a good dog who doesn't need more looking after than other (dogs)."

"If you're careful, and if there isn't too much traffic, he can go off his lead," Marín added.

The vet then organized a foster home for Boludo at the home of a local lady named Destina Hürriyet. Hürriyet then started searching on the Internet for a forever home for Boludo and has found the perfect owner.

Spanish medal-winning Paralympian Mónica Merenciano had very similar problems to Boludo. Her pigmentary retinopathy means she has a limited field of vision. Marenciano is a judo athlete, who has won bronze medals at the Athens, Beijing and London Paralympics. She is more than happy to give Boludo a home.

"When I heard that she had the same disability (as Boludo) I started to cry," Hürriyet told 20 minutos. "I knew they were the perfect pair, made for each other," she added.

Hürriyet and Boludo travelled from La Coruña to Madrid on Tuesday to deliver the happy dog to his new owner. It turns out that Marenciano has been looking for a suitable dog for some time. Marenciano has been partially blind since birth and thanks to medical care has remained stable.

Now plans are afoot to take Boludo down to the Valencian beaches where he will be able to run unobstructed on the sand. A happy ending indeed.

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