Monday, 17 March 2014

Former tennis ace Boris Becker loses villa in Mallorca, Spain

German former tennis ace and six-time Grand Slam champion, Boris Becker, has apparently just lost out on his luxury holiday villa on the island of Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands.

Becker had apparently neglected to pay a construction bill of €391,000 ($544,000) and the Spanish authorities confiscated the home.

According to a judge in Palma, the nine-bedroom property will now be auctioned off for a tidy €7 million ($9,750,993). The construction bill in question was apparently for carpentry and plumbing work, as well as for resurfacing a basketball court at the villa.

Becker’s lawyer is trying to claim that the bills were the responsibility of the real estate agent who sold him the villa, but the judge is having none of that. Reportedly Becker, 46, bought the villa 17 years ago.

Becker almost lost the villa over a similar case back in 2012, where around €276,162 ($384,780) was owed to a local gardening and landscaping company. In that case, Becker managed to scrape together the amount owing and keep the home.

Apparently back in 2007, Becker tried to sell the house for €15 million ($21 million) but didn't manage to find a buyer.

Reportedly Becker's economic problems arose due to a €24 million ($33 million) divorce case.

With the latest case, should he wish to keep the villa, he would also be required to cough up an additional €24,000 ($33,441) in court fees and interest.

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