Thursday, 6 March 2014

Leash & other animal protection laws to be imposed in Barcelona

New proposed regulations have been introduced by the Barcelona City Council to both enforce leash laws on dog owners, as well as to prevent pet owners for leaving their animals alone at home for lengthy periods.

Not only this, but there will be new regulations whereby people will be fined for feeding pigeons, or leaving food in the streets for stray cats.

Under current laws, dog owners can allow their dogs to walk loose on the street, as long as they are in the company of their owner and well-behaved.

According to a senior councilor in the Barcelona City Council, Jordi Martí, there is always someone who spoils things for everyone, saying, “The majority of people who have dogs are civilized but there is a minority who are uncivilized.”

Martí went on to explain that the changes to the existing 2003 ordinance will both “improve coexistence” and “protect animals.”

New time frames are to be introduced as to how long cats and dogs can be left at home alone.  With dogs, the animals will not be able to be left unattended for more than 12 hours.  Cats, being a little more independent, cannot be left on their own for more than three days.

“This is the 21st century, not the 19th century,” Martí said.

Other regulations included under the new law will prevent Barcelona residents from raising animals in their homes for profit and to stop them feeding wild animals in public areas.  Reportedly only those recognized by City Hall will be able to feed certain animals.

Another stipulation to be added is that people who wish to purchase or adopt a pet, must sign a document stating that they have never mistreated an animal.  Should they lie, the pet owner can then be charged with a felony.

Yet another regulation will prevent residents from keeping horses or pet monkeys within the city limits.

El Pais reports that according to the Barcelona City Council, there are an estimated 120,000 dogs in the city, but only 30,000 are legally registered.

Above photo is courtesy Ángel Rollón from Madrid
These pigeons in Barcelona will no longer be so fortunate: