Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Man dies taking selfie on top of train

It seems selfies can be seriously dangerous to your health.  In fact they can actually take your life, as this 21-year-old died on Saturday in Andújar, Spain

He was electrocuted after climbing on to the roof of a train to take a photo of himself with his friends, unaware that the high-voltage cable above them was live.

They climbed on to the wagon at Andújar station, and the man accidentally touched the high-voltage wire, which killed him with a 35,000-volt discharge. 

His friends suffered a severe electric shock, but survived.  When police and local paramedics rushed to the scene, they found the 21-year-old was already dead. 

One of his friends remains in a serious condition at the Alto Guadalquivir Hospital nearby.

A three day mourning period has been called by the mayor of Andújar, a town of 40,000 residents in the center of the olive growing region in Andalucía.

Spanish source
The Local