Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Aged high: Pensioners in trouble for lacing cake with marijuana

A couple of pensioners, one aged 78 years and the other 67, are in trouble with the police after serving up a homemade cake laced with marijuana.

They gathered with a group of unsuspecting friends in their usual pub, located in the town of Arta, to share a tasty homemade treat known as "coca casera", a cake of Catalan origins.

What their friends didn't know was that the two chefs had used cannabis in the preparation of the cake.  Three of them required medical treatment after eating their share of the treat. One of the people who had to visit the hospital was the owner of the bar, and the other two were among the group of pensioner friends.

Apparently its not the first time the friends have used cannabis in food for their own consumption, but up until now there have been no problems. This time, according to El Mundo, the pair will be facing charges, accused of committing a crime against public health, after "adulterating food with substances harmful to health."