Monday, 17 March 2014

Pick up an old Spanish village for nothing or for cheap

If you can prove that you have a viable plan to rescue the dilapidated stone houses and restore the town, you might be able to get an abandoned medieval hamlet somewhere in rural Spain either for nothing, or for a very low and affordable price.

Some of the villages are centuries old and were left vacant after residents moved to the big cities, or their farming land became less fertile and making a living proved too difficult. 

One prime example is A Barca, up in northern Spain.  The town dates back to the 15th century and is on offer for nothing, nada, zilch, to the right investor.

In the town there are 12 crumbling stone homes covered in moss and ivy, and not much else.  In A Barca's case, the residents left in the 1960's when a dam was built, flooding their farmland.

Other examples, going cheap at the price, include Pena Vella, near A Pontenova in Galicia which is yours for just €62,000 if you can prove your good intentions.

According to Spain's National Statistics Institute, there are around 2,900 of these abandoned hamlets all over Spain, just waiting to be snapped up by the right person.

Apparently many villages have already been snapped up by foreigners, including Americans, Britons, Germans Norwegians and Russians taking the properties.

Eco-village anyone?   Here's a website offering the hamlets for your pleasure.