Friday, 14 March 2014

Police in Valencia use "go-go" dancers to protest lack of equipment

Police in the city of Valencia are fed up with a shortage of both vehicles and equipment.  They say their pistols are 30 years old, bullet-proof vests are out of date and also safety equipment for motorbike police is seriously lacking.  There is also a lack of new uniforms.

They decided to bring attention to their bad working conditions by launching a protest.  200 Local Police officers protested outside the town hall in Valencia together with several "go-go" dancers wearing underwear and union t-shirts.  According to El Mundo, one officer even turned up at the protest in a pair of bright blue long johns.

While equipment has been lacking for some time, things came to a crux after an accident, in which four officers received light injuries when the 17-year-old van they were using suffered brake problems.  Valencia's town hall, however, blamed the driver of the van for the accident and 20 Minutos reported they said the local police force had "everything it needs to carry out its duty."