Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pontevedra firm seeks boy to grant his Christmas wish

A Spanish consultancy firm called Serga recently received a puzzling letter. It was addressed to "Santa Claus, North Pole, n. 1" but mysteriously ended up in their mailbox.

It seems the letter took three months to be delivered, too, as when they opened the envelope they discovered a Christmas wishlist written by a young boy, unknown to anyone in the company.

The letter read:
"Dear Santa," 

"I'm Nano Fariña and I would like to ask you for this present. Bye."
Underneath the text of the letter was a picture cut from a magazine of a tablet for children.

But that wasn't all, on the next page of a letter was a postscript from Nano:
"Dear Santa, I forgot to also ask you for a Snow White game. Kisses"
It turns out that the letter to Santa ended up in Serga's offices in Pontevedra, Galicia because the young boy had been environment conscious and had reused an envelope which happened to have the company's logo and address printed on it.

Santiago Mariño, a consultant with Serga told The Local that the whole thing took him back 35 years and put a great, big smile on his face.

While the company has no idea who Nano is, they decided to make the story public so that they can find the boy and grant him his wish.

So if anyone out there knows Nano Fariña, tell him to get in touch with Santiago Mariño of Serga in Pontevedra.  Who needs Santa when there are kind people out there.

Spanish Source: La Voz de Pontevedra