Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spain's most exclusive restaurant has just one table

Well, to be more accurate, the restaurant will serve only one group of diners at a time and has only one chef, the owner, Antonio Cornejo. 

This unique restaurant is called Mercès One and is located in Barcelona.


When there is availability, it's possible for clients to book not only the meals of their choice, but also the décor, crockery and cutlery that they prefer to go with it.

It seems the restaurant is popular, so not only is it essential to prebook, but it can be a little difficult, too. However, a spokesperson for the restaurant told the English language news website The Local, "We're busy, but there are still plenty of free nights available." If clients are flexible with their dates, no problem.

If you are lucky enough to book an evening at the restaurant, you will find there is a variety of interior designs to choose from, ranging from modern to romantic to even minimalistic. Choose your preferred crockery and cutlery, table linen, the music you would like to hear and, of course, the dishes to enjoy as well as the drinks.

All these options can be booked online on the restaurant's website. If the number of choices get a bit too much, Cornejo says that guests can leave everything in his most capable hands.

As to the cost, menu prices average €60 (or $83) per person, excluding the wine, and the restaurant can seat parties of up to 22 people at a time.

Cornejo told the Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo that he has over 12 years of experience in the catering industry, but enjoys the fact that now he is getting a chance to develop his creative side by concentrating on just one set of clients per night. Not only that, but he has 365 chances of doing just that.

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