Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Previously unseen Gaudí stained glass windows found outside Barcelona

In a stunning discovery, two stained glass windows, made in the distinctive style of Antoni Gaudí, have been found hidden away in a chapel outside Barcelona.

Gaudí, famous for his modernism and many beautiful works all over Barcelona, including the emblematic Temple de la Sagrada Familia has two more masterpieces, which have been hidden away for decades.

During an inventory by the Institute of Catalan Studies, they unearthed two beautiful pieces. One is an immaculate rose window containing imagery similar to the Masonic ‘all-seeing eye’ placed against a hand.

The other masterpiece depicts a sword-clenching archangel on a beautifully ornate stained glass window, 75 x 25 cm (30" x 10") in size.

According to the rector of the chapel where they were found, they had been hidden away.  Until the Institute of Catalan Studies found them, he had no idea his predecessor had ordered the pieces from Gaudí himself.