Friday, 11 April 2014

Prince puts luxury Marbella mansion up for sale

If you have a cool 5.6 million euros handy, you too could live in the style of the legendary artist formerly known as Prince.   

Bought as a present for his former wife, Prince has decided to get rid of his luxurious Marbella mansion.

Mayte García, Prince’s former wife, was the ‘you’ in his first and legendary hit ‘For you’.  Considered by Prince to be “the most beautiful girl in the world”, the former Latin dancer became his wife on Valentine’s Day of 1996.

Prince held a concert in Marbella in 1990 and fell in love with the city and its luxurious side, including Rolls Royces, Ferraris and luxurious villas.  He bought a plot in an area of Marbella known rather appropriately as “El Paraíso” or the paradise.  Located in an ideal position close to the beach, he later built the perfect mansion as his wedding gift to Mayte.  The house was a place where Prince was at his happiest and also at his most miserable.

With the tragic loss of his son, a week after birth, and later breakdown of his marriage, Prince vowed never to set foot in the house again

The house still retains some of the original detail from their days of living there, but has now been renovated and is up for sale at 5.6 million euros.

Covering 890 square meters on a plot measuring almost 6,000 square meters, the house exudes luxury from every angle.  The property has a huge imperial staircase and a spectacular chandelier.  The floors in all eleven bedrooms (with en suite with private terrace) are marble.  On site there is an outdoor swimming pool (heated) together with Jacuzzi, as well as a gym and tennis court right next to the beautiful tropical garden.

So there you go, luxurious home or perfect holiday getaway all for you, if you have that kind of money!