Saturday, 5 April 2014

Woman run over after forgetting to apply handbrake on vehicle

In a freak accident, 47-year-old Ana María Prieto was killed just outside of Oviedo in northern Spain on Thursday after forgetting to apply the handbrake when parking her van.

Prieto had just arrived home in the community of Las Caldas with her children when the accident happened.  She parked in front of her house and shortly afterwards realized that the van was rolling away.

Realizing she had neglected to engage the handbrake, she tried to stop the vehicle, but the van jumped a wall and crushed her under the chassis.

While rescue workers arrived promptly they could do nothing to help her. Neighbors are caring for her three children and comforting the woman's husband, who was inside the house at the time of the shocking accident.

According to the local daily newspaper, La Nueva España, Prieto was a popular figure in the community who worked with leather. The newspaper mentioned that they interviewed her back in 2011 and speaking of her life, she had told them at the time that "I wouldn't change this for anything."

Source (Spanish)