Monday, 28 July 2014

Protest in Fuengirola denounces 'genocide' in Ukraine and Palestine (Video)

More than one hundred people publicly denounced the situation in both Palestine and Ukraine in a demonstration Tuesday on the beachfront of Fuengirola, Spain. The writer was on the scene, camera in hand.

The event was organized by La Agenda Roja, an anti-fascist group that stands for the social, political and labor movements in Málaga, Spain, and saw many nationalities joining together to protest, including Spaniards, Palestinians, Belgians, South Africans, Syrians, Moroccans and Swiss.

In their handout, the group speaks of “the creation of the fictional state of Israel,” and how thousands of victims have been killed in the “Zionist genocide” since then. They mention how the offensive has intensified during July, leaving more than 400 Palestinians (including women and children) dead and over 1,500 wounded in the walled enclave, with little medical equipment left and without electricity in the hospitals.

The handout mentions that unlike Palestine, the struggle in Ukraine is characterized by internal conflict. It talks of how in late 2013, the extreme right came into power and immediately began to outlaw leftist parties and began persecuting ethnic minorities. Since then thousands have been injured or killed in what has become an ongoing civil war.

Protesters at the event denounced both situations as nothing but maneuvers of international capitalism by NATO, the US and the EU, saying that as they did in the twentieth century, imperialism continues to safeguard its interests.

Chants were heard including "This is not war, it is genocide," and "arise the struggle of the people of Palestine," among others.

One protester gave an impassioned plea on video (which can be seen below), the transcript of which is as follows:

“The media is at fault with their fake news, calling the Palestinians terrorists, but we're not stupid, thanks God and thanks for the social media. So people can see what's going on now and the truth about what Israel is doing to kids, to women and to Palestinian people that have no guns, they have nothing, they are defenseless.

"People who hear this on the Internet are going to have some love inside of their hearts and humanity. Because we are here for humanity, we are not here for religion. This is very important. We are here screaming out and shouting to the world that they have to stop this genocide and this massacre because it’s not fair. Absolutely not fair. And I hope people will see that.”

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