Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Madonna gets slap on wrist from Spanish superstar Soraya Arnelas

Apparently Madonna's safety precautions in Ibiza were "over the top" causing the upset.

Reportedly the Material Girl was to celebrate her birthday with a tour in Ibiza in the Balearic Islands of Spain.  In anticipation of her arrival, her "people" visited the exclusive hotel where Madonna was to stay to check thoroughly for any possible secret recording equipment in any of the bedrooms.

However, they went a little too far, and also checked rooms which were occupied by Soraya Arnelas and her entourage, who were thoroughly offended by the intrusion.

Arnelas complained strongly about the treatment her entourage had received, telling the media:

"Madonna is always surrounded by about nine bodyguards, and before she arrived I heard from my friends that their rooms had to be searched for recording equipment and anything that security considered to be dangerous," said Soraya, 31, "Which is a bit over the top."  

Apparently Madonna's security entourage had no comment about the incident.

Photo of Madonna CC César
Photo of Soraya Arnlas CC-by-SA www.20minutos.es