Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Erasmus student who fell from Seville bridge taking 'selfie,' has died

It was reported yesterday that a Polish Erasmus student, attempting to take a "selfie" on the emblematic Triana Bridge in Seville, Spain, had fallen and was in a critical condition. Further reports today state that unfortunately the student did not survive the fall.

Digital Journal yesterday reported the accident that happened to the 23-year-old Erasmus student, now named as Sylwia Rajchel from the Murcia University, who was apparently on her first visit to the historic city.  While trying to take a "selfie" of herself, including the iconic bridge, she accidentally tumbled over a low stone wall and fell seven meters down to the concrete bank lining of the Guadalquivir River below.  This happened early on Sunday morning. 

Emergency services were called, who found Rajchel in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest and paramedics immediately performed CPR at the scene.  They then transferred her to the Virgen del Rocio Trauma Hospital in the city. At that stage, her condition was listed as "extremely critical." Despite the efforts of the doctors, they were, regrettably, unable to save her.

Seville mayor, Juan Ignacio Zoido, told the media in a statement, "We did everything we could."

It should be noted that according to authorities, the area in question is not protected by any kind of fencing or other security measure, as the site is heritage listed.

Spanish sources:

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Photo of Triana Bridge CC-by-SA Benurs