Tuesday, 18 November 2014

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End of an Era: Marín iconic flamenco doll factory closes down, cannot fight competition

The Marín doll factory has been producing beautiful and detailed flamenco dolls for the last 86 years.  Finally the factory, located in Chiclana, Andalusia, has had to give up the fight, claiming it is a victim of competition from Asia, and particularly China... read more

Shakira asks press to not photograph her son

In an interview on Sunday, Shakira told the Spanish news daily ABC that she wants the press to please leave her son alone... read more

Family murder: Dad kills two daughters, then self in Asturias, Spain

In a tragic murder-suicide scenario on Thursday this week, the 55-year-old father of two young daughters allegedly murdered the two girls, aged seven and nine, before taking his own life... read more 

Spanish TV star Koldo Losada found dead, partner suspected

After receiving an ominous warning via Facebook from his husband, the body of Spanish TV star Koldo Losada was found in their Bilbao home, together with the corpse of their dog, Gaston, on Wednesday... read more

Spain seizes Greenpeace ship 'Arctic Sunrise' off Canary Islands
The iconic Greenpeace vessel, "Arctic Sunrise" has been seized by Spanish authorities, after activists approached the Repsol oil exploration vessel as part of their recent protests. Arctic Sunrise has been in the area for several weeks, protesting against oil exploration in the Canary Islands ... read more

Massive fire rips through meat factory in Burgos, Spain
It was apparently a short circuit, combined with ammonia, that caused a huge fire to rip through the Campofrio meat products factory in Burgos on Sunday. While no one was hurt, the jobs of 1,000 workers are at stake... read more 

Greenpeace boat rammed by Spanish Navy, four injured (Video)
Greenpeace España launched a protest Saturday against oil exploration off the Canary Islands of Spain. A Spanish navy boat rammed their dinghy, injuring four activists, one badly ... read more

Spain Parliament to vote on recognition of Palestinian state
Spain's Parliament will next week be voting as to whether the country will recognize Palestine as a state. This after Sweden unilaterally recognized the Palestinian state and the UK and France are symbolically looking in that direction ... read more

Spain's Civil Guard uses superheroes to educate kids on Internet risks
Using the popular and enigmatic characters from the movie world of superheroes, along with quite a few Disney characters, the Civil Guard in Spain has begun a new set of workshops in Madrid aimed at informing third and fourth grade children about the dangers of the Internet .. read more

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Protesters for Palestine in Fuengirola, Spain - photo copyright Anne Sewell - Spanish News in English