Monday, 1 December 2014

Shakira asks press to not photograph her son

In an interview on Sunday, Shakira told the Spanish news daily ABC that she wants the press to please leave her son alone.

Popular singer Shakira is married to the Spanish footballer, Gerard Piqué and they have a son, Milan, who is almost two years old, plus another baby on the way.

When Milan was born on January 22nd, 2013, Shakira shared an image of the baby, sleeping in his father’s arms, on the Unicef website, together with a request that people donate to the UN children’s agency.

She has shared some other photos of Milan with her many fans on the social media sites. However, now Milan is growing, she says she would prefer he had more privacy.

When the family recently attended the opening of a children’s store in Barcelona recently, Shakira refused to have photos taken of her son. She told ABC that she liked being able to share with fans and the people who have always supported them in the experience of being parents. She also enjoyed sharing photos of the first few months of her son’s life, but added that now Milan is growing and has stopped being a baby, she would prefer if the press didn’t focus so much on him, saying she wants him to have a normal childhood.

Shakira went on to explain that Milan doesn’t know that his father and mother are famous, saying that he recognizes them on TV and in ads and points, saying, "Mama! Papa!" but does not realize that other children do not see their parents on a “toy box.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer is apparently in the last stages of her second pregnancy and expects to release a new album after the baby’s birth. At present, Shakira is taking things easy, resting in preparation for the arrival of their new baby and says she is doing her best to keep fit and healthy. 

Milan’s parents, Shakira, 37, and Piqué, 27, originally met at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when Piqué made an appearance in the World Cup theme song “Waka-Waka," included below. They went public with their relationship in early 2011.


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