Monday, 5 October 2015

'Do it for Mom:' Danes Urged to Take Sexy Baby-Making Trips to Spain [Video]

Denmark just gave Spain's Canary and Balearic Islands a touristic boost by encouraging their citizens to come to Spain to make a baby. Better yet, they can get the future grandmothers to pay for the trip. Not a bad deal at all.

It seems there are not enough babies being born in Denmark at the moment, causing problems for the Danish welfare system and, of course, the potential grandmothers. A company called Spies Travel is trying to rectify the situation.

According to Spies, the fact that there are not enough babies being born concerns all Danes, but most of all people's mothers, the wannabe grandmothers who are currently losing out on the deal.

Back in 2014, Denmark launched a campaign called "Do it for Denmark" where they started encouraging Danes to have more babies. This apparently didn't work.

Now they have come up with the "Do it for Mom" campaign, which offers great holiday packages to the Canary and Balearic Islands, with the aim of helping Danish women conceive and, of course, giving grandmothers some grandchildren to spoil.

The video points out that people are more likely to relax, get sexy and then get pregnant in pleasant, sunny and warm surroundings. They refer to a poll run in 2014 which proved that Danes have around 51 percent more sex while away on a tropical holiday. They have now come up with a promotion which will encourage older parents to contribute to their adult children's sexy getaways, so they can produce a grandchild in return.

Spies Travel offers package holidays to luxury resorts on the islands of Spain, all of which include several kinds of physical activities, which they say will encourage sexual activities, such as running, yoga, golf, tennis and water aerobics. The best part is, if future granny pays the bill, they will receive a 134 euro discount on the price of the trip.

They tempt future granny to pay the bill by saying, "Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild within 9 months."

In closing, referring to the failed 2014 campaign they say, "In 2015, Danes will be having babies not just for their country, but also for the grandmothers. We think that it's going to work."

Spain is, of course, quite happy to accommodate the deal!  Enjoy the video below.

Images: Screengrab from YouTube video