Friday, 11 December 2015

81-year-old "Dancing Queen" stuns Madrid residents [Video]

Age is only a mental state, as shown by this 81-year-old dancer in the heart of Madrid, Spain.

Photo: "Young since 1934" via YouTube
In the video we see what looks like a frail old lady, slowly making her way into the Puerta del Sol square in the centre of Madrid, where a dancing exhibition is in process. She tells people that she is old, that she has arthritis, all the while leaning heavily on her cane.

She stands there, watching a couple dancing, and then suddenly takes over. While she is dancing, at first we see her struggling a little, and almost falling to the floor, but then Sarah “Paddy” Jones shows her true light, thoroughly impressing onlookers as she athletically does all the fancy moves.

According to The Local, Paddy, 81, first shot to fame during a memorable performance on the talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” where she thoroughly impressed the judges with her unexpected and athletic dance routine with her Spanish partner, Nicolás "Nico" Espinosa, who is forty years her junior.

She has now become an internet sensation in Spain after the video of her latest dancing performance was aired on El Hormiguero, one of Spain’s most popular prime time shows.

The British pensioner lives in Gandía on Spain’s east coast and has become a viral YouTube star after the video first racked up almost 60 million views on Facebook.

According to El País, the video was made to "refute the idea that older people are always associated with frailty. Every older person has an enormous amount of potential and they should not be treated as if they were worth nothing."