Monday, 25 January 2016

6.3 magnitude earthquake shook up Málaga coast on Monday morning [Updated]

At 5:22 a.m. on Monday a strong earthquake of 6.3 magnitude shook up the Málaga coast and was felt in other Andalusian provinces, including Almeria, Jaén, Granada and Seville.

UPDATE: A video is now included below, taken in Melilla as the earthquake struck. 

The writer awoke in Fuengirola to her bed shaking and a cord on the bedroom blind knocking against the window frame. A few moments later, the bed shook again. Naturally there was little sleep after that.

It was initially reported by the National Institute of Geophysics that the intensity of the quake was 5.6. Half an hour later, they updated it to 5.9 and even later it was reported that the earthquake was at a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale. A smaller tremor was felt a few minutes later.

This is similar to what happened on January 21, when the coast was shaken up by a 4.8 magnitude quake, considered to be at that time the largest in a decade in Málaga. Now it seems the record has been broken yet again. 

The epicenter of the earthquake (marked with a red star in the image above) was in the Alboran Sea between Al Hoceima and Melilla on the North African coast, at a spot close to Thursday's earthquake. It was shallow, with a depth of no more than 10 kilometers. 

While the Malaga coast has had no reports of damage so far, in Melilla, where it was felt more strongly, cornice and facade damage occurred on buildings in the city, along with some landslides. Some building have no electricity.  

The Diario Sur quotes Agustín Gonzalez, who hails from Málaga and works as a teacher in Melilla, as telling them early this morning:  

"We had a tremendous scare. I'm dressing to go out because on the radio firefighters have recommended leaving our homes. Other teachers from the institute are without electricity and have taken to the streets with their families."

According to the Local, in Morocco a 12 year-old boy died of heart failure after suffering a panic attack during the earthquake, while a 35 year-old was injured after jumping out of a second-floor window during the quake. 
Someone in Melilla managed to catch the moment the earthquake struck on video:

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Source: Diario Sur