Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hachiko II: Loyal dog waits two months at the hospital door for her deceased owner

A loyal dog spent two months sitting outside a hospital door in Antequera, southern Spain, not realizing her beloved master was never to return.

Photo: Patitas Andaluzas

According to a report in the Local, the heartbreaking story of the dog's devotion captured everyone's hearts after the dog spent two months, sitting outside the hospital after her master was admitted. Sadly her owner passed away and the dog, a mongrel of around eight months of age, lived on scraps from hospital staff and visitors until she was finally taken in by an animal rescue center in the area, who have now found her a foster home.

According to a spokeswoman for Patitas Andaluzas,"She spent days and days waiting at the door of the hospital not realizing that her master would never emerge to take her home."

"Thanks to social media, her story has been spread and she has found a foster home in Madrid and is now looking for a permanent home."

The loyal pup with her unusual markings and eye color has been named Hachiko, after the famous Japanese dog who waited for years at the Shibuya station for his owner to return, a story made well-known by a Hollywood film starring Richard Gere.