Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Spanish Puppeteers Jailed For Satiric Puppet Show In Madrid ‘Celebrating Terrorism’

Parents were outraged and children were reportedly traumatized by a recent Carnival puppet show held in Madrid, Spain, that appeared to celebrate terrorism. 


The puppet show for children reportedly depicted rape, murder, and assassinations, and the show ended with its two creators behind bars on Saturday.

During the puppet show, titled “La Bruja y don Cristóbal” (“The Witch and Don Cristobal”), puppeteers held up a placard reading, “Gora-Alka-ETA,” or “Long live Al Qaeda-ETA,” referring to both the Islamic and Basque terror groups.

The puppet show itself included scenes of the hanging of a judge, two police officers being beaten, the rape and murder of a nun and a pregnant woman being stabbed ... read more