Thursday, 3 March 2016

Police in Canary Islands scratching heads over car parked on house roof

Police in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria are a little baffled after finding a car parked on the roof of a house in the La Isleta area of the Canary Island city.

The police posted photos of the white hatchback Daewoo Matiz on Twitter on Monday, showing it has no license plates and is parked on the flat roof of the house. Their comment to the image was, "This is what they call parking 'on high,'" but saying they value the structure of the house.
While there is a parking shortage in the city, it does seem to be a strange solution. Reportedly the police were first alerted to the weird parking situation by a neighbor in the suburb. They and firefighters in the city have no idea how the owner got it up there, but suspect they may have used a crane.

After firefighters examined the structure of the house, it was established there is no risk to the car falling through the roof, but according to TelevisiónCanaria, they will be asking the car's owner to remove it from the roof.