Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Spain introduces ‘Napflix’ channel to aid the popular siesta

Many people have problems sleeping and even find it hard to drop off for a traditional afternoon siesta, so a new online platform, Napflix, is being launched to help out.

According to creators Francesc Bonet and Victor de Tena, Napflix will air only the most boring and dull content in the aim of making people fall asleep.

In a statement, the two creators explained, "We all know the feeling of insomnia. Your body wants to sleep but your mind is still awake and active. So how can we steady up our mind."

They went on to say that Napflix is a new video platform where you can watch silent and slow content to relax the brain and easily drop off to sleep. De Tena told Cadena Ser that they have found a lot of videos on YouTube that will really help people sleep. Among the content is a two-hour lecture by a Yale physics professor, explaining the complexities of Einstein. Alternatively, you can relax by watching a 54-minute video of chickens turning slowly on a rotisserie. De Tena added that a game of cricket can be very boring and is an ideal option.

He added that they have chosen the content based on how boring it actually is, or for the “elevator music” that plays along with it. They event found a film that was voted as being the worst film ever by IMDb users in the form of “Code Name K.O.Z.” along with an American experimental drama called “The Tree of Life.”

Besides these dull and slow options, Napflix will also air such soothing and slow content as waves lapping on a beach, a crackling fireplace or an eight-hour epic of a candle slowly burning down.

Saying they are “taking siesta to the next level," the idea is very similar to the famous Norwegian “slow TV,” so that country might call the Spanish copycats. They have already aired crackling fire footage, starting from the logger cutting the wood right through to a brightly burning fireplace as well as a complete, 7-hour train journey (see below).

Sleep well!

Source: Cadena Sur