Wednesday, 9 November 2016

President Donald J. Trump's dump makes a unique Christmas gift

Every year, Catalonia in Spain comes up with the best new "caganer" (or crapper) figurines, just in time for Christmas

Photo by Michael Vadon / CC BY-SA 4.0

This centuries old tradition sees celebrities and political figures bare their behinds in figurine form to take a crap; a rather cheeky idea for inclusion in the annual Christmas nativity scene. 2016 is no exception, with the two recent U.S. presidential candidates so much in the news and the latest Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton "caganers" have now been unveiled.

According to the Local, originally the tradition was started with the figures of Mary and Joseph taking the proverbial dump, which was thought to both symbolize fertility and also bring luck and riches for the upcoming year.

In modern times, the tradition continues - but in a rather tongue in cheek form - with various Spanish politicians such as Mariano Rajoy and the new president of the Catalan parliament, Carles Puigdemont heading to the shop shelves. Of course, President Barack Obama has been in the product line for some time.

With Trump winning the presidential race, there appears to be a range of models available, so you can probably get a different one for every member of the family.