Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Spanish media accidentally kills off Swedish princess

Princess Birgitta of Sweden was shocked and angry to find out that, according to some Spanish media outlets, she was dead.

One of the largest multi-media groups in Spain, Vocento, reported on Saturday on several of its news websites that Princess Birgitta of Sweden had tragically committed suicide. According to El Comercio and El Diario Vasco, a neighbor of the princess had raised the alarm, having not seen King Gustav’s sister for a week. The report noted that her car was in the garage and that police found her lifeless body beside a bottle of pills in her home. The reports cited the fact that Princess Birgitta had lost her husband, Prince Johann George of Hohenzollern-Signaringen, two years ago.

The article displayed a photo of Princess Birgitta, who reportedly lives on the island of Mallorca in Spain. However, according to The Local, her husband passed away earlier this year, and not two years ago as stated in Saturday’s reports.

Sydkusten, in Swedish-language newspaper published in Spain, was the first to suspect that something was very wrong and called Princess Birgitta’s home to find that she was very much alive, and very angry. The 79-year-old princess told them from her home on Mallorca that the media should do a bit more research before publishing this kind of article.

"God, how stupid they are, ugh. Shame, that's all I can say," the Princess added.

It turns out the false rumors of the death of Princess Birgitta may have been related to the recent death of 77-year-old Princess Brigitta of Prussia, who lost her husband two years ago and was found dead in her home, as reported in the German media. 

With the similarity in name, and the fact that Princess Birgitta of Sweden is also Princess of Hohenzollern, a dynasty of former royals from the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia, might explain the mix up.