Thursday, 24 November 2016

Travel: Visit Lugo in northern Spain for the best in free tapas

Lugo in Spain is famous for one of few still completely intact Roman walls in the world, but this city has something else that is special.

Photo via Flickr by / CC BY-ND 2.0

Lugo in the Basque Country has been around for some 2,000 years and is a fascinating and historic city with a wonderful and warm welcome for visitors. However, there is nothing quite like free food. Across the city, bars can be found serving delicious free tapas with every drink you order. 

You can enjoy such delicacies as “pulpo con cachelos” (octopus with potato, tasty empanadas and bollos preñados (stuffed pastries), as well as anchovies, tortillas, and Cuban rice in several of the city’s tapas bars.

According to El País, the best tapas bars to try are located in the area of Rúa da Milagrosa and Rúa Nova and in the Plaza do Campo and Augas Férreas areas. And just think, go to enough bars, have enough drinks and you won't have to worry about dinner! 

The following are places to enjoy on a free tapas route of Lugo have fun!

1. Fonte do Rei 2 (Av. de Madrid, 63)

2. Lagar (Rúa da Milagrosa, 38)

3. ¡Oh, mi Habana! (Av de Magoi, 134)

4. Ave César (Rúa Nova, 10)

5. 101 Vinos (Rúa do Miño, 6)

6. La Fábrica (Rúa Nova, 15)

7. Cervecería A Carballeira (Av. de Magoi, 63)