Saturday, 17 December 2016

Madrid police find lunchbox full of giant cockroaches in local park

Police in Madrid, Spain made a rather surprising – and definitely creepy – discovery in a park in Carabanchel recently. 


On opening a plastic lunch box left in the park in the suburb of Carabanchel, police discovered 54 living, giant hissing cockroaches inside. The insects are native to Madagascar and are known to grow to between 5 and 7.6 cm. Possibly even more scary, the cockroaches can live for up to five years.

They are one of 20 known species of giant cockroaches and emit a hissing sound, which is produced by forcibly expelling air through specially-adapted respiratory openings on the fourth segment of their bodies. The insects have no wings and live in rotting tree trunks when in the wild. 

The Local notes that some people find the cockroaches make good, if rather bizarre, pets. However, the owner of this bunch of insects had obviously had enough. 

A police spokesman told Europa Press that they have no idea how the giant cockroaches ended up in the park, adding, “Somebody must have dumped them.” 

The cockroaches were collected by officers from the environmental unit of Madrid’s Municipal Police force and have been taken to a wildlife centre in the capital.